Hind Adbib

Hi, my name is Hind Adbib.

Not always. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. I remember mostly nightmares. That’s for sure.

But dreams. Not always.

So, I think the last dream I remember was about dolphins.

I was swimming with dolphins.

I can tell you my last nightmare if you’d like.

Riots in some old city

And me and him were trying to run away from the riots. And we got into this building, and we tried to secure. And there were other people trying to run away from the street.

So, we let them in.

The bottom of the building was getting overrun.

We kept going up, trying to find the place where to hide.

Someone opened their door and let us in, and then the whole building got overrun.

We managed to get up to the top floor and jump to the next building.

And got through someone’s house and went out on the street and I lost him.

I was panicking because I didn’t know what happened to him and if he got hurt.

And I remember looking for him, crying and screaming his name and I couldn’t find him.

And then suddenly there was this person that was very dear to me.

And she saw me like in the middle of the street, panicking, looking for him. And she grabbed my hand and said, You can’t be here. We’ve got to run.

They’re going to come get us.

My dream, I, I would say, would be to overcome my inner demons.

Just overcome myself. Free myself from myself.

So that would be the ultimate dream.

The most important work, healing trauma.

Repairing my relationship with my soul mate.

Finding different ways to love each other unconditionally and accept each other for who we are instead of trying to change each other.

I love Santa Cruz. I love the vibe. I think people are really nice. I love the weather.

I don’t like the fact that it’s really hard to find jobs here. But aside from that, I have nothing bad to say about Santa Cruz.

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