Jonathan Smith

I have basically good dreams.

I don’t really have nightmares. And even in nightmares, I don’t get I’m not scared ever.

I don’t have a fear.

I’m learning about concern and how concern is what is distracting me from my dreams.

I’m learning that to not be of concern, is like unconditional love and tranquility within myself.

I’m relaxing and so my body’s trusting me and it’s coming out and saying, hey, my responsibility is to bring out my gifts.

And my name is Jonathan, which means gift to the world.

I look back at my life and through foster care to juvenile hall, and I have had an ability to build up community but then leave it because of concern. I create my own concerns.

I really bring it back to this Afghanistan family that came here, and they own like seven gas stations and a towing company.

And they all most of them live in the same house and they all go to work, and they go for a common goal.

United, we stand.

This dream of my highest good is to unite people.

That’s my dream.


Developing like my partner said, a consistency within true, unconditional love. I have no control, no expectations.

Our adventure of life and how we’re supposed to be a gift and serving each other instead of being jealous with each other, building each other up like chasing each other and being like, Hey, you’re doing great and having that childlike love for each other.

How can I serve?

I let Santa Cruz go because I moved on after the flood.

It served me so well. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people.

They’re building like high rise buildings.

A lot of old Santa Cruz guys feel like the Santa Cruz culture is changing.

I pay attention to the things that that keep something unique.

I think that’s beautiful, but I also believe in change. SI believe in allowing things to happen. But allowing the people to have the opinion on where it’s going,

I think that’s important. So that’s my only concern with. And I said, concern, let it go.

Yeah, the mountains are good.

I love Santa Cruz.

I used to think when I was a kid, Santa Cruz is cool. I would love to go.

Now I lived there.

The thing that I thought was a cool thing and California would bless me in such a big way.

Thank you, Santa Cruz, I love you.

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