Organic Bounty: Food that Fucks

Farmer’s Market Haul

People who grow organic food are making our world more attractive. Food provides us with the building blocks of life, and beautiful produce produces beautiful people. Our energy, our appearance, our intellect: everything we are and do is impacted by the food we eat. So, of course your enjoyment of sex is going to be affected, too.

50 Shades of Green

Organic food doesn’t sound sexy on face value, but when you consider the intimacies of intercourse it only makes sense. The better your diet, the cleaner your body, the more your chance of a fun time goes up.

Horny Cornacopia

Food is an aphrodesiac. The flavors you consume become you. If you want to improve your love life, try eating some delicious organic produce, like this haul from Live Earth Farms.

Two Pre-Rolls with Sativa D

For the Love of Sativa

Last week, I had the honor of meeting and working with the great Sativa D! We are both big fans of Sativa and we took a couple of pre rolls somewhere cool and gave them a try.

Preroll #1

High Totem Preroll: Lemon Sour Diesel

First, we sampled a Lemon Sour Diesel Preroll by High Totem. They are a vibey farmer-owned brand and their offering was legit. Lemon and Gas is a great combination. Enjoyable smoke, euphoric high. Official score: 8.0

Sativa Preroll #2

Pacific Reserve Preroll: Banana Jack

Next, we tried a .7g Banana Jack preroll by Pacific Reserve. A Banana OG x Jack Herer cross, this little J hits hard and is a nice bright uplifting high. Smooth smoke, buzzing high. Official score: 7.9

Have Us Review Your Sativa!

Want to have your Sativa reviewed? Contact us at to start the ball rolling.

Contemporary Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography and Digital Culture

There are more photos being published online every day than any single human will ever be able to see. Billions of images are being produced and consumed each day. While this massive explosion of cultural expression has entered into our global culture, there are not a lot of places you can go and see contemporary photography in an art setting. Most of what we see is on our phones and for anyone who has practiced art, loved art, lived with art you know this is not adequate to the task. There is something different about a larger than life-sized print. It invites you to look at it differently.

SkinHappy Discovery Center

These are a couple of images from an upcoming show at the SkinHappy Discovery Center. These images were made at the location. The first image is of fine art photographer Zachary Cole Weston and this second one is of Alexis Hanholdren, writer and dancer. Stay tuned to find out more about upcoming exhibitions and how to get involved if you love photography and contemporary art.