Time Slap Creativity

Bang bang. The year is starting off at a wild pace with El Niño’s storms, insane sunsets and sunrises, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs working on their businesses. It’s also a political season, a season when Climate Change is an inevitable topic. It’s a year when new inventions are emerging as we innovate new ways of living to adapt to what we  know about the world.

Lunging into 2016, we (Jake & Jackie of Jake J. Thomas Photo) are working our asses off to provide the best social media for our accounts. In addition to communicating with managers and business owners to craft the best editorial plan for each account we are finding ways to keep ourselves inspired and to keep our visibility on the rise. Jake continues to post to Santa Cruz Waves everyday twice a day which keeps him actively exploring the coast during the golden hours. Jackie continues her daily practice of posting a macro photo to her Instagram account Jackiemacro.


In addition to these photo passion-projects we are also working on a dance. Jake came up with the original concept and name “Time Slap” which is a four part lunge step. He has developed the dance alongside Jackie using it as a way to break up their work day and to get exercise in a fun way. We find that it is helpful to keep ourselves fresh and creative. First we started with the song “Jumpman” by Future and Drake, but we’re currently dancing to the song “Bake Sale” by Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott. Our goal is to make it the The Ellen Show to perform our dance and to talk about our social media marketing techniques.JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-15JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-16This week Jake started the first in a new series of body paintings. Working with long time collaborator Emily Pizante he did a black and white line drawing and photographed her with a single light for high contrast. JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-14JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-13JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-12JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-11JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-10JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-9JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-8Working with Big Pete is a learning experience on many levels. Not only has he created an awesome brand of delicious cookies but he is also an urban farmer constantly working on his craft. JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-7JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-22JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-21JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-20We’ve been excited to interview people about Twisted Tasting 2016 organized by Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. This is Chicken-heart Spam made by El Salchichero to be paired with a Japonica Pilsner from Uncommon Brewers. Twisted Tasting is the cutting edge of food and drink in Santa Cruz. We are so excited to be a part of it and cant wait to see what everyone brings. JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-19

In a very exciting development for Jake J. Thomas Photo, we started working with Joel Magen of Dark Horse Pottery and Santa Cruz Pottery. We want to take our food photography to the next level and that means incorporating beautiful ceramic art into our food stylings. Having made his living by making pots for 42 years here in Santa Cruz he brings a truly organic quality to a shoot. JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-18JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-17JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-16JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-15JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-14

Jake met up with Gary Irving, Rob Wilson, and Norman Locks last week to discuss teaming up on creative projects. Gary is working on his Seven Deadly Sins series, Rob just got a book deal for his long-form poem “When Nikita Moon Rose,” and Norman is rabidly working on new media projects. JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-13JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-12JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-11JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-10JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-9JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-8JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-7JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-6JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-5JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-4JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-3JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles2.January.2016-2JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-6JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-5JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-4JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-3JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016-2JJT.Blog.11.24.webfiles.January.2016

El Niñoary

Sunday morning brought hazardous conditions to Santa Cruz with a combination of high tide and large surf. One unfortunate body boarder found himself pushed up against the rocks and he surely would have died if not for the quick actions of some onlookers. They grabbed a life preserver and he managed to get it around himself so they could pull him to safety. It was a grisly reminder of the ocean’s brutal power. JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-40JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-39

This beach is a magnet for swell. After photographing the sunrise I spent some time shooting the sets and watching huge bombs hit the beach. I was a little surprised to see two body boarders paddle out but didn’t think much of it at the time. In the photos below, you can see the young man who was injured just after this set. I hope he is ok and continues to explore the ocean with a little more caution for his experience. JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-38JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-36JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-35JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-34JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-33Since I moved to the West Side of Santa Cruz in August, I’ve been able to do more in depth studies of various spots along this stretch of coastline. On this particular night, I drove out to this spot and waited for ten minutes after the sun had set until this bloom of color happened.  JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-32 My love of BBQ continues to flourish. This is from Mission St. BBQ.JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-31This week we also visited The Shakespeare Society of America with Gary Irving.

Eleven weeks ago Jackie Evans started working with Jake J Thomas Photo as a photo assistant. Here she is being a good sport wearing some of the costumes at The Shakespeare Society of America with Gary Irving. She recently started an Instagram account featuring her macro photography. You can follow her HERE: >> Jackiemacro


El Niño has been very active lately. Waking up to amazing sunrises when the ocean is alive with swell makes this place something special. JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-29JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-28JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-27JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-24JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-22JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-21JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-18JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-17JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-16

Cremer House continues to deliver excellent high end comfort food. JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-14JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-11JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-8JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-5JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-4JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-3JJT.4.10.web.January.2016-2JJT.4.10.web.January.2016

Last Week Before Solstice 2015

The last week before solstice, December 14-20th was a good one. Winter swell; great food, drink and smoke; and the usual awesome December light combined for some nice images. Here are the top-ten photos from the week.


Monday morning started out with offshore winds, nice light, and swell.


Awesome light for photographing this Cali Creamin’ beerski at Mission St. BBQ.


The mornings were cold but pretty, early in the week.


Photographed the amazing food at Palacio Los Gatos on Wednesday.


Got to photograph Big Pete’s garden. He’s producing some fine medical cannabis.


Preacher Boy was howlin’ on Thursday evening at Aptos St. BBQ, like he usually does.

The rain brought some sweet photo-ops for the newly released Ginger’s Winter Warmer at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing, one of the prettiest beers around.


Picasso is the truth. The Literary Guillotine is my favorite bookstore.


Big Jon has a cool sound, like a soundtrack to some post-noir crime flick.


I liked this photo for all of the diagonals.

Bitchin’ week, hope you like the photes, folks!