Marketing Photography!

Do you need photos of your business to help boost your marketing efforts? Jake J. Thomas Photo has a decade of experience working with businesses to create effective content to market a brand. The three most important things to showcase include the following: products, people, and place. To maximize your marketing efforts, you will want beautiful and sharp photographs showing what you have to offer, the people who make it possible, and the place where the public can find your business.

To achieve this goal, we should schedule a 2-hour photo shoot. The price for this shoot, with editing included is $480 and you can expect to receive a digital album with 10-12 edited photos of each category for a total of 30-36 images total.

Take your business to the next level with the power of photographs designed for marketing. Jake J. Thomas specializes in product photography, portraits, and photographs of your place. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to create some powerful content, today!

Your 2-hour shoot will provide three categories of content creation.

  • Products! The goods that you offer are amazing and they deserve high quality photos to share with the public. Nothing makes people want to buy your products like a beautiful photograph. Each shoot will create 10-12 edited images of your products.
  • People! The people who make your business possible are a huge selling point. When we schedule a marketing photoshoot, it is a chance to showcase the superstars who work for you. They will be looking sharp, and the photos will show people who they can expect to interact with when they visit your business. Each shoot will result in 10-12 edited portraits of the people behind the brand.
  • Place! It is crucial to showcase your business’ appearance. When you schedule a marketing photoshoot, you can make sure everything is in its right place so you can present images of your space in the best possible light. People will want to flock to your establishment when they see beautiful photographs of your setting. Each shoot will create 10-12 edited images of your physical location.