Organic Bounty: Food that Fucks

Farmer’s Market Haul

People who grow organic food are making our world more attractive. Food provides us with the building blocks of life, and beautiful produce produces beautiful people. Our energy, our appearance, our intellect: everything we are and do is impacted by the food we eat. So, of course your enjoyment of sex is going to be affected, too.

50 Shades of Green

Organic food doesn’t sound sexy on face value, but when you consider the intimacies of intercourse it only makes sense. The better your diet, the cleaner your body, the more your chance of a fun time goes up.

Horny Cornacopia

Food is an aphrodesiac. The flavors you consume become you. If you want to improve your love life, try eating some delicious organic produce, like this haul from Live Earth Farms.

E&J Branding: A New Podcast by Erin H. Lyman and Jake J. Thomas

Clout Farming

I met Erin H. Lyman last week for a portrait in the garden at SkinHappy in Monterey. I had been following her on Instagram as she is one of the most active movers and shakers in the Monterey Arts Scene. Even at a glance you could tell that she has the right stuff for a podcast. She knows what’s up.

Portraits and Podcasting

Every portrait session is like an interview in some way, but with Erin our conversation was interesting enough for me to want to start a podcast with her. I mentioned that I was interested in podcasting and she suggested that I visit a place in Monterey called The Shop. She knew they had a recording studio all set up, so I met her there and checked it out.

Engagement Pod

Erin spends her days and some of her evenings promoting artist and arts organizations around the Monterey County. In order to do this effectively, she has a network of people she interacts with. This is known as an engagement pod and it is an effective way to create traction for social media accounts trying to get a message out to the public. It also sounds like a party you would throw for dolphins. Through her network of people, she introduced me to Chris Powers at The Shop and now we have a podcast in the works.

Marketing and Art in the Digital Age

Our podcast is going to be about strategies for making and marketing art in today’s cultural and economic climate. We are going to be recording at The Shop in Monterey and episodes should be available on your favorite podcast platform, soon. I look forward to bringing you some entertaining and useful information through conversations with Erin H. Lyman!