Chocolate Chocolate Chip Espresso Milkshake

The Buzz at Zizzo’s

I stopped by one of my favorite coffee shops the other day to see what was new, and I found my friend Eli making a customer an Espresso Milkshake. The coffee shop has completely changed up their look under the new owners, and they also added an ice cream fridge and feature a variety of flavors of Marianne’s Ice Cream. For those who know, this ice cream uses butterfat and is one of the richest and most decadent treats you could want on a hot summer day.

Ice Cream and Espresso for Lunch

I was in the mood for something delicious, and an Espresso Milkshake sounded like my kind of bad idea. I was on my way to help a friend move some things and then exercise by climbing hills, so I thought it would all balance out by evening. I chose the Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream, and added three shots to create a completely cheat day worthy concoction. Topped off with some chocolate whipped cream, it was as good as it sounds.

Brown Ranch Marketplace

To be completely candid, I do media for Brown Ranch Marketplace in Capitola, where Zizzo’s is located. However, my review of this rich chocolatey drink has nothing to do with work. It was sheer pleasure. I am also genuinely fans of Eli and Amy, the new owners, and the amazing makeover transformation they achieved. If you want to treat yourself to something extremely good this summer, go to Zizzo’s and ask for an Espresso Milkshake. Tell them Jake sent you.

Banana Bread Two Ways

I based this recipe off of one I found in an article published by All Recipes. You can find the article, HERE: Joy’s Easy Banana Bread


1/4 cup melted butter
1 egg
3 mashed bananas
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda

The only difference was I used regular sugar for the three riper bananas and brown sugar for the less ripe. Both were delicious!

Bake in a 9×5 loaf pan at 325 for about an hour

Riper bananas, cane sugar
Less ripe bananas, brown sugar

Chocolate Chip Baguette by Companion Bakeshop

Passionate about Bread

I’ve been upping my fitness game and one of the beautiful consequences of exercising more is earning the ability to eat more of what you want. I’ve been burning 1,500-2,000 calories a day finding myself more often in a caloric deficit than not. As a result, I have been indulging in one of my favorite foods: sourdough bread.

I also recently started an Instagram account devoted to food content (you can follow me HERE:,) so I took the opportunity to fuel up and get some photos. I stopped by the Companion Bakeshop in Aptos and purchased their last Chocolate Chip Baguette.

Fitness and Food

Health is wealth baby, especially when you get to eat delicious bread like this Chocolate Chip Baguette from Companion Bakeshop. I photographed the bread at the bakeshop taking advantage of the nice soft light coming in through the large windows. Then, I indulged. The tang of the sourdough and the bittersweet chocolate are perfect companions, living up to bakery’s name.

After this, I went and did 21 laps at the Seacliff stairs before walking down the beach to shoot the waves at sunset. I can’t imagine a Chocolate Chip Baguette getting better than this one, so I’m going to have to give it a solid 9.6/ 10 rating. I highly recommend stopping by and picking one up, but you might want to go early as they regularly sell out of all their bread.