Jakey Cowell

Self Portraits in the Landscape

I love landscape photography, but even more compelling is a figure in the scene. As soon as you have that, you have the enigmatic trace of a story. Sometimes, I like to include myself in the stories as well.

These photos are an example of such work. They are different than the usual selfies because they are taken with a camera on a tripod and show me involved in a scene as opposed to just looking at the camera. I can also show my entire figure rather than just my face.

Central Creations Media

Have you ever wanted to use your creative talents in front of the camera to work with a team? Do you have fun acting or posing for a photograph? Do you enjoy fashion, photography and design? Central Creations Media is looking for people like you who want to do creative work.

Every business needs some form of digital marketing, and if you understand how content creation works and you can present a professional offer there’s a good chance that you can work with a small business near you. You don’t have to have a certain look or a number of followers. If you have a desire to learn, can focus your energy, and are willing to work with a team then you can be a creative.

There are many different ways to get involved in a production, from modeling, to styling, to design. We want to collaborate with other creatives and generate interest for businesses and brands along the Central Coast.