Organic Bounty: Food that Fucks

Farmer’s Market Haul

People who grow organic food are making our world more attractive. Food provides us with the building blocks of life, and beautiful produce produces beautiful people. Our energy, our appearance, our intellect: everything we are and do is impacted by the food we eat. So, of course your enjoyment of sex is going to be affected, too.

50 Shades of Green

Organic food doesn’t sound sexy on face value, but when you consider the intimacies of intercourse it only makes sense. The better your diet, the cleaner your body, the more your chance of a fun time goes up.

Horny Cornacopia

Food is an aphrodesiac. The flavors you consume become you. If you want to improve your love life, try eating some delicious organic produce, like this haul from Live Earth Farms.

Let’s Blog, Dog!

Met with Skyler the Surfing Dog’s dad, today. We are doing a blog for Big Pete’s Treats, and I’m hoping that we can follow Homer and Skyler on the road to the world championships of dog surfing!

Stay tuned, and check out Big Pete’s Treats to learn more about this amazing duo! We will post a blog there later this week! Till then, check out this video of Skyler getting tubed! Is this the first ever dog barrel?