Thinking about the #WaterProtectors on this day dedicated to love, during the Hunger Moon-the coldest month of the year in this hemisphere. Only through our desire to respect the environment will we overcome the significant challenges we face. Now is the time for renewable energy. Now is the time to let go of fossil fuels. No more pipelines. No more tar sands. Solar, wind, hydro and bio-energy are more than adequate to fulfill our energy needs. Now is the time. Let’s make a change. Barney had this idea that if everyone on the planet thought the same thing at the same time, then anything could happen. I believe it is true. We’ve never been more divided and we’ve never had more reason to come together.


6 Objects, 1 Block, I-Phone Photo Challenge

Today, we had the assignment of photographing 6 different bottles of alcohol to create compelling images to use in social media for 41st Avenue Liquor. It occurred to me that this could be a great exercise for photographers who want to sharpen their creativity, to tune up their chops, and to push their sense of design and composition. It’s a productive constraint: 6 objects, 1 block, using your phone. If you really want to, you can make great photographs anywhere. You could go get a six pack of different beers to try this exercise on your own.