Glamour Photoshoot!

Let’s face it! You’re looking hot these days. You’ve been working out and now it’s time to work it, work it. That time in the gym, going on hikes, and paying attention to fitness shows. Finally, it’s your turn to memorialize your good looks. This is a chance to write a love letter to yourself. It’s your moment to schedule a Glamour Photography session and to make a print of your bad self.


A glamour photoshoot is intended to emphasize your beauty, so it is important to design all the elements to the shoot. First, we begin with the location, and usually your home is the best place to achieve this goal. We will bring lights to enhance the mood of your space, but you will likely feel most comfortable in the privacy of your own home. Alternatively, we can choose an outdoor location if you want to capture yourself dressed up for a night on the town looking like trouble in a dress.


Once we chose the location, we will want to select the wardrobe. For this shoot, we will choose two looks so you can have options when you decide which image you want to print. It will be important to consider color and pattern when selecting your outfit. The price for the basic shoot is $180 for an hour session with 4-6 edited images.


Next, we will consider hair and makeup. If you are comfortable crafting your own look, that is great. We also can have a hair and makeup artist attend the shoot to give it that extra spice you want. If you choose to have hair and makeup done for your glamour photoshoot, it will be an additional $180.


We have a variety of print options for you to choose from, but the standard print we offer and recommend is a 11×14” frame with a 9×12” print and mat. You can choose colors of the print and mat, or we recommend a black frame with a white mat for that classic look. This print costs $246.

Price of Package

The total cost for the shoot is $180 for photos, $180 for hair and makeup, and $246 for the 11×14” framed and matted print for a grand total of $606

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