Two Pre-Rolls with Sativa D

For the Love of Sativa

Last week, I had the honor of meeting and working with the great Sativa D! We are both big fans of Sativa and we took a couple of pre rolls somewhere cool and gave them a try.

Preroll #1

High Totem Preroll: Lemon Sour Diesel

First, we sampled a Lemon Sour Diesel Preroll by High Totem. They are a vibey farmer-owned brand and their offering was legit. Lemon and Gas is a great combination. Enjoyable smoke, euphoric high. Official score: 8.0

Sativa Preroll #2

Pacific Reserve Preroll: Banana Jack

Next, we tried a .7g Banana Jack preroll by Pacific Reserve. A Banana OG x Jack Herer cross, this little J hits hard and is a nice bright uplifting high. Smooth smoke, buzzing high. Official score: 7.9

Have Us Review Your Sativa!

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Gazpacho Two Ways

Chilled Summer Soup

Gazpacho is a soup served cold, perfect for the end of Summer. Last week, Taking Pure Joy blended up two different versions of Gazpacho in preparation for an upcoming event where she will be serving this dish. Teddy says that one of the things that she loves about Gazpacho is that it is a form that you can create variations of adding more or less of one ingredient or another, so you can take full advantage of produce that is at its peak or it gives you a way to be flexible and have fun with chilled soup.

Pasta by Hand, Pesto from Scratch

Simple, Magical, and Fun

I linked up last week with the talented and beautiful Teddy Danielson of Taking Pure Joy to create some cooking content together. Teddy is a private chef and has a business in the Santa Cruz area making delicious food that she has delivered to people’s homes.

Excite Your Taste Buds, Excite Your Soul

For Teddy, food is more than just fuel. It is an exciting art form to share with people. Seeing her take control of the kitchen as she prepares for some serious cheffing, you know something great is about to happen.

Magic Achieved

I hope you enjoyed that photo narrative of Teddy turning basic ingredients into something truly special. We also made a Horchata Pie for Big Pete’s Treats! You can find that recipe, HERE: HORCHATA PIE with INSANE CHURRO COOKIE CRUST.

Check out Teddy’s website, Taking Pure Joy, and follow her on Instagram: Taking Pure Joy.

The Disappearing Frame

Shakespeare’s first play, The Taming of the Shrew, begins with a prank. A group of Lords play a practical joke on a man who had passed out drunk. This man, Christopher Sly, awakens in a new life being told that he has broken an amnesiac spell that lasted for fifteen years. Immediately, Sly decides to make the most of his new situation by having sex with his wife, but she delays him and convinces him to wait for a couple days. In the meantime, they agree to watch a play. This play is the story of Kate.

Hunt for the Stoniest Sativa: Caring Kind’s Laughing Buddha

I’m on a hunt for the world’s best Sativa Dominant hybrid. I want world class cannabis that I can smoke during the day and that will fuel my creativity without making me too relaxed. I enjoy a heavy hitter from time to time at night when it’s time to sleep, but during the day I want flowers that make me think. This Laughing Buddha bud from Caring Kind is my top of the top. I would give this bud a 9.8. It would almost be impossible for me to love this bud more.

Let’s Blog, Dog!

Met with Skyler the Surfing Dog’s dad, today. We are doing a blog for Big Pete’s Treats, and I’m hoping that we can follow Homer and Skyler on the road to the world championships of dog surfing!

Stay tuned, and check out Big Pete’s Treats to learn more about this amazing duo! We will post a blog there later this week! Till then, check out this video of Skyler getting tubed! Is this the first ever dog barrel?