Scouting for Synergy

With all the recent rain, we set out last weekend on a hike to Berry Falls looking for good places to shoot some photos for Synergy Clothing. We found some very wet trails, hundreds of newts and lots of great winter locations.

Lots of trees down on the way.

Some amazing green corridors!
Great rustic roads!

Puddle game strong.

Berry Falls in full force!

2 thoughts on “Scouting for Synergy

  1. Love where you are and seeing a glimpse of home. Is big Pete real weed? We only get CBD’s like yours. We had one after lunch and not the same, but best for KS. A little buzz and now I am just a little less anxious. Nothing like the real thing 🙋💚

    1. Big Pete makes Cannabis infused buttery cookies and pre rolls and they are great. Thanks for reading the blog. I always appreciate you Patt.

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