Rhythm of Days

You always heard older people talking about how fast time moves, but it wasn’t until you actually had experienced enough years to feel it for yourself that this mysterious element of time began to take shape: acceleration. My dad used to share an explanation for it. He thought that you always feel the same age internally and can remember what it was like to be younger, so the more time passes the faster it seems to go. It’s mostly an effect of the conflict between knowing that a lot of time has passed and feeling that it was just yesterday. He has a rare capacity for memory, though. He can remember slight plot details and character points from novels he read twenty years ago. When I stop to remember things that vividly stand out in my memory, like the earthquake of 1989, it doesn’t feel like yesterday, at all. For me, it feels like a different lifetime.JJT.blog.30.March.2016-6JJT.blog.30.March.2016-2JJT.blog.30.March.2016-3JJT.blog.30.March.2016-4JJT.blog.30.March.2016-5JJT.blog.30.March.2016-7JJT.blog.30.March.2016-10JJT.blog.30.March.2016-8JJT.blog.30.March.2016-11JJT.blog.30.March.2016-12JJT.blog.30.March.2016-16JJT.blog.30.March.2016-18JJT.blog.30.March.2016-21JJT.blog.30.March.2016-22JJT.blog.30.March.2016-25JJT.blog.30.March.2016-24JJT.blog.30.March.2016

The Medium of Life

JJT.Blog.26.March.2016Living on a planet orbiting around a sun streaking through this part of the multiverse is a trip. Every month the full moon aligns with the setting and rising sun reminding us of our planetary status. The stars and the moon have been mysterious to humans for as long as we have existed. There’s more power in watching the stars and the moon than we could possibly know. Surf revolves around the tidal movements caused by the distance of the moon to the earth. As surfers and surf photographers, we have to attune ourselves to the patterns of the ocean, which means getting in synch with what is happening in the heavenly spheres.

JJT.Blog.26.March.2016-12Photographers are a curious group. So many different styles and approaches lead to amazingly different points of view. Photography is a dangerous art, but there’s no such thing as a safe art. Being drawn to the ocean in the pursuit of waves makes for a tricky set of balances.

JJT.Blog.26.March.2016-4The ocean contains the mystery of our biosphere. Water is the medium of life. People who are defending the ocean stand in the service of life itself. Finding ways to get our trash out of the ocean and to keep it out should be an extremely high priority. Putting people to work on addressing the environmental calamities we’ve caused could be a tremendous source of job creation and a natural solution to our most pressing problems. Let’s start with cleaning the beaches.

JJT.BPT.March.2016Big Pete’s Treats is a Medical Cannabis Edibles company based out of Santa Cruz, and they hold a series of annual Beach Cleanups. Here is a link to their schedule of cleanups for 2016. Pete Feurtado’s love of Cannabis and the ocean have merged in his business by getting the community involved in cleaning the coastline. It’s a great way to spend time with friends doing something that makes you feel good.

Flowers are Cool

JJT.22.March.2015-2Abe-mo sliding into a wedgey nug somewhere fun. When I saw Tazy this morning, he told me that he surfed with Abe for the first time just around the corner from where we were. “How long ago was that?” I asked. “I was twelve.” Still having fun together. Classic guys.
JJT.22.March.2015-3JJT.22.March.2015-4         It was the first day of Spring on Sunday and I went up to Felton to get photos at the Cremer House. With all of the rain we’ve had this year, this Spring is going to be one to remember. Already, you can see the plants poised to take advantage of available water. The Cremer House offers their lunches to-go, so I took a Reuben to the covered bridge. Such a good sandwich, and even better when you enjoy it in the open air.JJT.22.March.2015-5Another thing all this water means: allergies. Holy pollen, Batman. The air is going to be full of plant sex.JJT.22.March.2015-6Remember when toys were educational and simple? If you remember this bobbing bird, then you know that old-school toys are back. Nostalgia for the 90s is our strongest opiate.JJT.22.March.2015-7Flowers are pretty ridiculous if you ask me. How the hell does a plant do that? Excuse me while I bloom this unimaginably colorful and elegant form out of nowhere, they seem to say, and we can’t help but make space for the show. Fuck, flowers are cool.JJT.22.March.2015-8Speaking of beautiful and elegant forms, the new dishes coming out of Wasabi Tapas are very impressive. It is more than a restaurant. It is a few people’s dream. It is a collective passion for food and service. JJT.22.March.2015-9JJT.22.March.2015-10Tom Ragle is just the best dude ever when it comes to talking about good things to drink. He cares intensely about his store and so he educates himself on the finest European wines, rare spirits, and craft beers. If you want to get elegantly fucked up, talk to him.

Local World Class

There’s no excuse for mediocrity, today. Quality makes all the difference between a life well lived and a life endured. This doesn’t mean that you have to be excessive or spend a lot of money to achieve quality experiences. Quality shouldn’t have to be as rare as it is. First of all, if you consume less you can consume better. Buying a bottle of cheap liquor makes sense if your goal is to forget your worries for a night even though it’s going to cost you the morning. Buying an expensive bottle of whiskey that you savor and drink small amounts of over time actually creates a greater value even though you spent more money at the time of purchase, because you give the experience time and space to happen out of respect for the quality of the drink. If you pick up a bottle of Wayward Whiskey by Venus Spirits from 41st Ave Liquor and you have a visitor to entertain, then you can offer them a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks and your life will be fun and filled with more drinking scenes like those classic vignettes in detective fiction by Raymond Chandler and less like those bleary-eyed laments in early Bukowski. JJT.41st.15.March.2016-7Great drinks compliment great food. When it comes to what you put in your body, don’t you want the best? Again, this is a quality over quantity equation. I’m not saying that you should break your bank by shopping for the most expensive things. I’m merely suggesting that if you value quality you can find ways to incorporate it into your life. This Bob Salad from the Cremer House is an example of a way to treat yourself well. The Cremer House is a reflection of my sister Emily’s desire to share quality experiences with people. The Corned Beef that is featured above is also her creation. She owns a brewery and a restaurant and she spends her time working to deliver the best possible experiences to the people of Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Mountains and beyond.JJT.Cremer.10.March.2016-2What would life be without music? It’s impossible to say, but surely it would be much more difficult. Music is a powerful art of connection. When we listen to music together we share an experience. Evoking visceral emotions, playing with words and tones, drawing out time with rhythm, engineering a body of sound: musicians create an amazing happening when they play. The Blues is central to American music. The influence of Blues on almost all other American musical forms cannot be denied. We are lucky enough here in Santa Cruz to have some great music that comes through town. Added to our already rich musical heritage, Aptos St. BBQ and Mission St. BBQ have been hosting world class Blues acts. These intimate and free concerts are one of the best things happening in Santa Cruz 2016. Every night from 6-8, you can eat dinner while listening to live music that is a direct continuation of true American roots music. Last night, Alabama Mike played with Big Jon Atkinson at Mission St and brought the heat, soul, and style that makes Blues music so universally enjoyed.JJT.Alabama.Mike.MSB.18.March.2015-10

Be Merry

One of the most impressive economic developments I’ve witnessed during my time on the west coast is the boom of the craft beer industry. I’ve seen it grow right before my eyes and in the lives of my loved ones. My sister Emily and I went to school at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR. That’s where she got the craft-beer bug. I, too, developed a love for quality beer in the great Northwest, but Emily saw a business opportunity. I don’t know how she got her chutzpah, but she got a lot of it. After working as the only female engineer in her department at Qualcomm, she started an organic brewery (Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing) in Santa Cruz in 2005. Since then, a proliferation of micro-breweries has emerged along the west coast. What started in Portland took root in San Diego and has bourgeoned into a serious industry, here in Santa Cruz, too. This beer is a Pineapple Sculpin by Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits. This small brewery recently was bought by Constellation Brands (makers of Corona and Modelo) for over a billion dollars. It’s official: micro-brewing is big business. The rise in the popularity of craft beer has opened up business opportunities in other sectors, too. Larry Ingram has two BBQ joints that offer an amazing selection of beers. Taking trips each week to San Diego, Ingram prides himself on providing the cutting edge of the craft brew world.


Gary Irving in his natural environment: the studio. Don’t be fooled by his adventure-machine (the ultimate van for exploring): he’s not all safaris and mud-flaps. This guy has compelling ideas about art, too. He’s a technical wizard who does things with Photoshop that make people scratch their heads with a dazed-by-jealousy smile. It has been a real treat to work with Gary while he is creating a masterful series depicting the Seven Sins as things we have done to the environment. Making art today would seem pretty hollow and shallow without considering our global contexts. Climate changes, nuclear proliferations, genetic modifications: there are plenty of concerns facing every human, and every living thing for that matter. Gary has a vision and it is a dark one but one that is full of intelligence and wit. For anything to change, we need first to face the problems confronting our times and that is what Irving is attempting in this series: it is a self-portrait of humanity’s vices on the edge of the brink.



Great food makes for great living. Felton is not famous for much. Fame isn’t the point in Felton. Feltonians are more concerned with living than being seen, generally, and that means working hard, taking care of family, staying humble and being close to the daily works and wonders of the natural world. Mountain folk are teachers, farmers, healers, arborists, bakers, jazzercise enthusiasts, watercolorists, mud-shoveling, horse-loving, leaf-raking, pie-baking, jeans and t-shirt wearing folks who are the salt of the earth, the water in the river, the roots on the bank. The Cremer House, in this great but humble town, is doing something special: it’s feeding the people of Felton and the Santa Cruz Mountains with cutting edge fine dining. Now, this truly is the best of worlds. Living in the serene and sublime mountains and having access to Pan Seared Arctic Char with Moroccan spice couscous, melted leaks and yogurt dill sauce is not a bad thing.


Back to BBQ! The West Side of Santa Cruz is loving Mission St. BBQ. Finally, there is a great BBQ joint close to home for those of us on this side of the river. The Ingram family is serious about smoked meat and we are the lucky beneficiaries.
A sense of humor helps to deal with the challenges we face every day. Medical cannabis helps a lot of people to manage their stresses and to medicate their ailments. Since Prop 215 passed in California, patients have been able to procure high quality cannabis. At Therapeutic Healthcare, the bud-tenders are friendly, knowledgable, and fun.
Harliss Mofoin’ Sweetwater came through and sang some mean and dirty down low blues at Aptos St. His sax player was possessed. The foursome played with the energy of a herd of buffalo.


Passion for Photography

Nandi visited last weekend and we did a photo shoot together. She’s a passionate photographer who wants to work in the music industry photographing bands on tour and musicians’ portraits. It was cool to get to know her and to work side by side.
We were filming Tazy at the Lane and then popped up the stairs just in time to see this. The sun was setting, but first it lit up these Cypresses and we both had to stop to get a shot.
Then there was this. What a sunset. This particular spot has a lot of stunning sunsets, but this was an amazing one even for here.
Nandi and I were stoked on the sunset!
BBQ at Mission St: standard. Always friendly faces there.
Al Frisby was playing at Mision St. Good times. He’s a soulful and funny entertainer with a great collection of instruments and stories.
Chip invited me to photograph the last day of this garden. What a beautiful bunch of flowers. The organic methods Chip is using are working really well.


Affirming the Good


Portraits are an engine of artistic production. In the past, only the powerful were able to afford having an artist make a portrait of them. Today, with cell phones and selfie sticks, there’s a lava flow of portraiture erupting with volcanic intensity. More people have been both photographer and subject than ever before. Portraiture is a force.


Social media is driven by portraits. A big percentage of the photos that are made every day are of people. From the covers of magazines to the profiles of social media platforms, good photos of people are more in demand than ever before.

We want to help you to look great. We want to show your friends how confident, happy, and interesting you are, these days. We want to show your clients or employers how on top of the game you are. We want to show your love how attractive you are. We want to show the world your beauty, shining from the inside.


Portraiture is a great way to affirm the good in others. We want to bring out the best in you.






Dancing Uphill


I invented a dance. It started with my assistant. Last year, I grew busy enough to require help. I was lucky enough to have a colleague at Sleepless Media, Jennifer Gallagher, introduce me to her daughter. Now, Jackie helps me run my day-to-day operations: editing photos, assisting on shoots, and providing administrative support. Together, we update various social media accounts with fresh and original content that we create.




One of my favorite things about doing social media was enhanced when I hired an assistant: it’s a lot of fun. Like all creative work, it is also competitive and difficult. Some people may not take social media seriously, but if you want a business to pay you to provide them with social media marketing, then being as professional as possible is key.


Part of that means keeping a vital connection to the material. It means renewing and retaining a spirit of joy in the work. When we represent a business, we make the case that they are the best choice in their category. In order to express this claim clearly, we need to have creative flow happening in our work. As an artist/writer/thinker/maker/seller, I have a lot of experience being able to consistently find inspiration and that is partly because of the techniques I’ve developed over time to stay fresh, tuned up, and ready to be creative.


Social Media Marketing requires a lot of work, including: photography, editing, research, and writing. A good deal of this activity happens in the studio in a typical office space environment. Lots of sitting at a computer doesn’t necessarily lead to creative flow or great ideas. When I was working on my own, I would use skateboarding to keep me feeling creatively awake, but this El Niño season has kept the roads pretty wet, so I wasn’t able to get enough time in to satisfy my desire for balance. This plus having an assistant who is now also spending a lot of time at a computer and the ever-present need to come up with new marketing strategies led me to invent a dance.


The dance is based on a physical therapy exercise: the lunge. It is a walking lunge in four parts that goes to a four count rhythm. I named it the Time Slap in honor of my friend Shawn Barney Barron, who passed away last May. He called time lapse photography time slap and so the dance is a way to honor, remember, and to heal. Barney was a great break-dancer. He was also a great marketer.


The dance, as well as being a daily practice that increases creativity, is a marketing technique. We are recording ourselves doing the dance in various places in public with the goal of reaching the Ellen show to perform our dance and to talk about our marketing ideas. Artists who have some facility with multimedia are well equipped to provide social media marketing for small businesses. Social media are channels you can use effectively to reach relevant audiences.